All about me!

Hi! So… This is my first blog I don’t really know what I’m doing at all aha, but should be fun finding out.

Well you want to know about me? I’m flattered thanks.

I’m 19 years old, Female and a freak!

I call myself and others freaks quite often, I mean who isn’t tho there’s no such thing as normal. I have autism, dyslexia, anxiety and depression so seeing through my eyes might be pretty different to others. I’m going to try and start blogging see where it goes, I’ve always liked the idea of being a YouTuber and watch them quite a lot but always been to scared to try it for myself.

Recently my mum went to a psychic and they ended up talking about me ha, I mean who wouldn’t want to. They suggested that my mum encourages me to start blogging, I’m kinda into fate and all that and as I’ve thought about this stuff before thought now was my time. Blogging is so much easier too for my anxiety as I don’t have to show my face and be out there, I can be in the comfort of my home typing.

I want my blog to be about the struggles I go through and most others do to explain what I have gone through/still going through so maybe someone can understand more about people like me, and also if you go through struggles yourself to help you know your not alone, which most of us feel like when in a bad place.

So more about me, I’m from the UK, I have pink hair at the moment which I’m loving, I find people hurting themselves ridiculously funny, I’m a kid at heart and get very excited over kids toys (kinda embarrassing, but come on can’t just be me who think they are fun), I’m very straight forward and say what I think, still never had a job but I’d love one, I like Pokemon they are brill (totodile is my fav), I can now recently drive and love the switch. I absolutely adore animals, there are so many pets I’d love to own. I especially love dogs and big ‘scary’ looking dogs. I get mad when people judge dogs by their breed or look, prejudices aren’t acceptable towards people so why do people do it to dogs. It’s not fair. I want lots of these breeds to educate people that they aren’t nasty or vicious, but instead big sweet fur balls like any other breed. I also enjoy drawing and building stuff, doing things like woodwork and engineering and love Disney.

Well I’m not really sure how to end this off, I assume you can leave a comment so please tell me what to do aha.

Bye freaklings